Quick Answer: What Does MAR Stand For?

What does the acronym MAR stand for?

Medication Administration RecordA Medication Administration Record (MAR, or eMAR for electronic versions), commonly referred to as a drug chart, is the report that serves as a legal record of the drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a health care professional.

The MAR is a part of a patient’s permanent record on their medical chart..

What does MAR stand for in medical terms?

Medication Administration RecordMedication Administration Record (MAR) and Treatment Administration Record (TAR)

What does MAR stand for in business?

Material Approval RequestMAR — Material Approval Request.

What does IR stand for computer?

instruction registerIn computing, the instruction register (IR) or current instruction register (CIR) is the part of a CPU’s control unit that holds the instruction currently being executed or decoded.

What does MAR stand for in insurance?

Model Audit RuleThe Model Audit Rule or MAR, also known as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Annual Financial Reporting Model Regulation, requires that private insurance companies with over $500 million in direct written premiums to adopt corporate governance and reporting standards.

What does MC mean in construction?

Managing ContractorManaging Contractor + 1 variant. Architectural, Technology, Architecture. MC. Management Contractor.

What does Camca stand for?

CAMCAAcronymDefinitionCAMCACentral Asia-Mongolia-Caucasus-Afghanistan (regional forum)CAMCACommercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas

What is Mar in finance?

Market Abuse RegulationMarket Abuse Regulation (MAR) – Finance and Banking – European Union.

What does MAR stand for in construction?

Material Approval RequestMAR. Material Approval Request recent. Material, Management, Approval. Real Estate, Rental, Construction Drawing. Material, Management, Approval.

What info is on a MAR chart?

The MAR chart is clear, indelible, permanent and contains product name, strength, dose frequency, quantity, and any additional information required.

When would you use a Mar?

Medicine Administration Record (MAR) Charts. A MAR chart is a working document used to record administration of medicines. They are normally produced by the pharmacy on a monthly basis at the time of dispensing and are delivered with the medication.

Who can sign a MAR chart?

3.2 Who can write a MAR chart? Only RNs appropriately trained and accredited in the use of Patient Own Drugs (PODs) and MAR charts can write and check MAR charts.