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All you need to set the scene

Date Added: August 05, 2009 10:00:35 AM
Author: neiljontas
Category: Shopping
There are some people in this world who were born to perform in front of the cameras and there are those who were born to dream of it. Whilst the lifestyles of Hollywood A-Listers may seem appealing to many so they might have big houses, nice cars and hoards of screaming fans but imagine never being able to pop to the supermarket without being splashed across the magazines, and imagine a lifetime of consuming fewer calories than a rabbit. If you're lucky enough to be a no-one then it's time to realise just how time consuming it is to be a celebrity why not throw your own Hollywood themed party? One of the biggest things to consider at any Hollywood party is the guest list. Informal invites simply won't cut it in Tinsletown so you're going to need to draw up a list and send out some real invitations. The 'The Hollywood 8 Invitations' pack should get you started and these cleverly designed Hollywood party supplies will help to ensure that your guests know exactly what to expect on the night. If you want to create a real film star effect then make sure that the dress code is clearly understood; after all, you want everyone looking their absolute best when they take a walk to the entrance on the 'Hollywood Red Floor runner', which is a more technical term for what is otherwise known as the red carpet. Invest in one of these Hollywood party supplies and you'll soon be remembered as the hostess with the mostess. Setting the scene for your Hollywood themed party couldn't be easier so long as you pay attention to detail. If you can't quite stretch the budget to cover waiters and waitresses to serve, then invest in some other Hollywood party supplies that will help to set the scene. The Hollywood 'Plastic Party Platters' are idea for serving canapand nibbles on, as long as they're in keeping with the latest LA diets of course there are no cheese and pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks in California. The Hollywood party supplies extend to plates and napkins to ensure that your guests are really immersed into the film star feeling; even Vanity Fair wouldn't think to go into so much detail at their famous Oscar party. When it comes to creating a Hollywood atmosphere, don't forget to decorate the room in A-lister style too. Whether it's with helium balloons or the odd director's clapboard here and there, there are plenty of Hollywood party supplies to choose from. Anyone who is anyone in Hollywood will know that you're not really famous if people aren't talking about you, and what better way to ensure that either you or that special someone is the talk of the town than with a 'Personalised magazine Cover'? These unique gifts are available in A4 or A3 for those who really want to catch some attention, and with the individual's name and a message of your choice adorning the front, it won't be long before your guests really start to think that you've made it as a superstar. When it comes to the most important of Hollywood party supplies, then no celebrity filled occasion would be complete without its fair share of champagne. If you know a special someone who has always dreamed of being a star of the silver screen, or perhaps you're throwing this special party in their honour, then why not surprise them with a personalised bottle of Champagne Hollywood legend? With their name and a personal message of your choice printed onto the label, they'll really feel like a million dollars. If you're invited to a Hollywood themed party and are looking for something unique to take along with you, then a 'Personalised Card Hollywood Hills' is bound to put you at the top of the guest list. These cards can be tailored to incorporate the recipient's name right where the famous Hollywood sign should be and make for an excellent keepsake that can be framed afterwards. When it comes to the ultimate in Hollywood party supplies,then surely there can be no greater gift than a 'Personalised Star of Fame'. A true sign that you have 'made it' in Hollywood history, this personalised certificate is not only registered with the Star of Fame foundation, but is presented in a stunning black frame with the date of registration and a personal message of your choice. So why not let your loved one be immortalised with the likes of Jack Nicholson, and Judy Garland? They might already be a star in your eyes, but this is a great way to prove it to the rest of the world. Getting Personal offer unique high quality gifts & personalised gifts at affordable prices, delivered quickly and guaranteed with a smile.To find out more regarding our range of Hollywood party supplies , please visit our website at
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