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Society and Culture

Date Added: October 19, 2008 08:25:33 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Society & Culture
Culture and society are both intertwined to make a certain location distinct from all others. Some cultures and societies are based on traditional lifestyles that have existed for generations, while others are more modern and are constantly evolving. Traveling is one way to experience different cultures although it is certainly not necessary.


Religion is often a big part of a traditional society’s culture. Religion often includes culturally meaningful traditions and symbols that affect a large part of a country or section of the country. For example, a small community may always close the doors of the shops on Sundays in America since that is the day most people attend church.

Every culture has different traditions associated with their religious practices, and some areas have several different religions that are in the area. These culturally diverse areas are often large cities where society is based on a common respect for one another’s personal beliefs and do not observe any traditional religious holidays on a large scale basis.

Community Based Programs

Many societies also have some type of charitable organizations to help care for those who are less economically stable. Some societies provide for less economically stable people through government programs while other communities provide for neighbors through personally caring for them.

In large impersonal societies it is more common for charitable organization to be part of a religious based program or one that is funded by the community rather than the government. Some more socialist countries provide for their citizens through programs that are available through the government.

The Arts

The arts are a big part of many societies’ culture. A society’s culture is often reflected in the movies, paintings and even the stories that are produced by the people. The arts are a good way to see the inside culture of a country even though you may want to be aware of the fact that the arts probably present the culture in the best or worst way possible.


The family unit varies greatly from one society to another. For example, some societies embrace a collective worldview where you work for the greater good. Other cultures prefer to restrict their hard work and its benefits to that of their personal family and close relatives.

In more traditional societies the family unit can include the whole village or tribe. Many societies work together to provide food, shelter and medicine to those within the community. On the flip side individualist societies are based on a more personal view of providing of others and only do so when they feel they should.

It is not uncommon for societies to form a culture that is distinct from the rest of the world.

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