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The Car Mover and Their Equipment

Date Added: July 07, 2009 11:36:54 AM
Author: markbutchher
Category: Business
When it comes to shipping cars, the equipment that your shipper uses is important. In fact, the the truck and trailer that they use can make all of the difference in their reliability and dependability. Without a decent truck they may be prone to breakdowns that cause delays in your auto shipping jobs. If the trailer they use is a mess, there is a greater chance of damage to your vehicle.To help you better understand car moving equipment, lets take a brief look at the importance of both the truck and trailer.The Car Mover and Their Truck Obviously an important part of the car movers equipment is the truck they use to pull all of those vehicles across the country. A reputable company will keep a fairly new truck (not necessarily brand new as these trucks are expensive), but they will have their truck well maintained. Regular maintenance to a rig is important. The condition of a movers truck is actually a good indication of the overall health of their business. Those that car about what they do will car about their truck as well. The car mover that drives up in an old beat-up rig, is likely inexperienced, or would rather be doing something else.At Hunskys, for our main truck, we have a 2002 Peterbilt with a sleeper. Our truck is always well maintained, and it still looks like it did when it was new.The Car Mover and Their TrailerThere are actually a variety of manufactures and types of car hauling trailers. Some smaller moving companies who operate in a smaller area run with only a deck trailer that can haul two or three vehicles at a time. The bigger movers use trailers intended to be car movers. These trailers include a network of hydraulic ramps that allow for vehicles to be loaded up to ten at a time. An important thing to note about these types of trailers, is that they require regular maintenance as well. Without being maintained hydraulics, ramp locks, and other important aspects of a trailer may fail.At Hunskys we use a 2002 Cottrell 10 car trailer. Like our truck it is, always well maintained.If youve hired a car mover to transport your vehicles, the condition of their equipment is often an indicator of what kind of service you can expect. The company that keeps well maintained, clean trucks usually takes pride in their work, just like they do in their equipment. Mark has have many years of car moving experience with auto transportation and is now offering his free professional auto transport advice to the public. If you are at all interested in Mark auto Transport advice, tips, or secrets, you can check out his auto transport Website.
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