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Boxer briefs for total comfort

Date Added: July 02, 2009 12:39:22 PM
Author: jasonkody
Category: Shopping
Boxer briefs are men’s briefs or underwear briefs that have longer legs than the usual briefs. They are similar to boxer shorts except that boxer briefs are tighter fitting. Boxer briefs first came into the market around 1990. Before this, there did exist some form of boxer briefs but they were called mid-length or thigh-length men’s briefs. Boxer briefs have become very popular as underwear briefs especially among teenagers. This is because regular men’s briefs are thought of as being restrictive while boxer shorts are found to be too loose. Boxer brief is a cross between the two affording more comfort and easier movement. There is a pouch in the front of boxer briefs to give that extra feel of comfort. Boxer briefs are not only used as routine underwear briefs, they find specific use with sportsmen. They use boxer briefs either alone or in addition to a jockstrap because boxer briefs absorb more sweat and give them freedom of movement. Many people prefer to use boxer briefs simply because they are stylish as compared to normal briefs or boxer shorts apart from giving a cosy and secure feel. They are especially comfortable for long journeys and for people involved in a lot of physical activity as boxer briefs allow free movement of the legs without restricting motion in any way. Boxer briefs are generally worn as underwear briefs but informally they can be used in place of shorts too. With boxer briefs it is possible to get a figure hugging coverage from waist till the thighs; they are worn on the waist by means of elastic. There are many designs for boxer briefs – they can have a keyhole fly, snap front, pouch or they may come without any fly at all. Some mens briefs have rear stitching thereby avoiding a seam at the centre. Boxer briefs or underwear briefs are made from different kinds of materials; some are woven and still others are knit like most men’s briefs. A small variation in boxer briefs is known as trunks. This has legs that are slightly shorter compared to typical boxer briefs. They are used in general as swim wear. They also find use as under board shorts. Boxer briefs are very comfortable because they normally do not have tight fitting elastic around the legs; the fabric of the boxer briefs provides the required elasticity thus giving maximum flexibility and total comfort in the leg zone. Boxer briefs offer better support and define contours well. Underwear briefs come in a variety of materials and fabric. The fabric has to offer a good stretch and also be soft on the skin. A good fabric should also withstand heavy duty washing and not loose shape or functionality after a few washes. Men’s briefs come in a range of colours – from basic colours like white, black, blue and grey to brighter colours like red, green, purple etc. There are also numerous designs and patterns that are printed on boxer briefs – checks, stripes, floral prints, slogans, flag prints – the list is endless.� Underwarestore's� underwear briefs� that have longer legs than the usual briefs. They are similar to boxer shorts except that boxer briefs are tighter fitting.For further information visit us at
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