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How Web Conferencing for e-Training Works

Date Added: June 27, 2009 04:06:12 AM
Author: gandbeckham
Category: Computer & Internet
Have you ever wanted to conduct training to an employee or colleague, but didn't want to travel to their office to do it? Perhaps you're planning to teach 15 people in different locations exactly the same process, but don't have the time to visit 15 sites to carry out the training 15 times. Live Meeting is a video conferencing solution that allows you to carry out e-training on screen, and deliver it to many participants at the same time. It also has the added benefit of being able to record that training and host it for absent members to see at a later date. Let's take a typical scenario; Mary and Tim have employed Bill to design a website for them. Bill's desiged it but now he wants to show Mary and Tim how to use the content management system he's developed for them. Bill schedules a meeting using Outlook, and an invitation is sent to both Mary and Tim. Mary is able to attend, but Tim isn't. Bill logs onto the conference center and meets Mary there. He's already uploaded a short presentation on how the content system works, and he's going to run through it first before actually demonstrating the website to Mary. Mary watches the presentation and asks a couple of questions at the end. She can see and hear Bill as he talks through the presentation. Next, Bill opens a browser window inside the client to show Mary how to login to the website and use the content management system. Mary can also open her own browser window and try it out herself, all with Bill watching. The meeting is then saved to the Microsoft server, where Bill can access the recording of the presentation and other parts of the training. Bill makes this available to Tim and Mary for 90 days - and only Bill needs to pay for the license to do this. This training scenario can be rolled out on a much larger scale, where multiple training sessions can be grouped together. Furthermore, tests can be implemented so that participants are examined at the end of a series of training modules. Those who do not reach the required standard can be re-called for further training. e-Training is just one of many incredible uses of Live Meeting. To find out more, visit our site. Kinobo is an online retailer of computer electronics and software. We supply customers with webcams, microphones, headsets and other video conferencing equipment. We also offer a free trial of Microsoft Live Meeting.For more information http://www.we
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