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How to Select Keywords For Your Website

Date Added: May 29, 2010 05:40:02 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: SEO
Let’s assume your site is an award winner and you know you have great products and pricing because your repeat business rate is very high. However, you are not getting the traffic growth you need. When you want to increase traffic at your website, what is the first area at which you should look?  The answer is to improve your ranking on the various search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many facets, but none is more important than correctly choosing and placing the right keywords.

What exactly does the term “keyword” mean? Your keywords are words and phrases that you place throughout your site. When search engines “spider” through your site, and all the other sites, they notice keywords. When a customer enters a search query, the search engine reviews it against the data it has collected and the customer gets his or her results list, commonly called hits.

The problem is that there are so many websites. Most searches return far more results than a typical customer will ever use. Therefore, you need to be at or near the top of the results. It is easy to select words and phrases that reference your products and services. It is not so easy to do so in a manner that causes the search engines to rank you near the top of the search results.

This process is far more complicated than it may seem. Simply selecting keywords that describe your offering is not enough. There are many tricks to SEO. You are probably too busy with the development of the best goods and services to be able to understand how to portray them to search engines. You need to strike a careful balance. Your site needs to be appealing to the consumer, of course. However, you also need to get the customers to the site.

You will either have to take the time to learn the SEO keyword process, or arrange for outside help. Many companies specialize in SEO work. Whether it is you or an outsider, you will start with a list of proposed keyword names and phrases. This is only the beginning. Then, using available tools, find out how many searches per day your keywords are used in. This is your potential audience. Next, how many results come up for your keywords. This is your competition. You will experiment with combinations that increase the number of times searched but decrease the number of results per search.

Look to making your keywords not only as relevant as possible but also as narrowly defined as you can. “Uniforms” won’t help you much as a keyword if you only sell “hazard duty suits”, for example.

These are some very oversimplified examples to get you thinking. The SEO keyword field is not only complex, but also it is changing constantly. The search engines routinely refine the methods they use, called algorithms, to rate and rank websites as they spider through them. You not only have to learn SEO keyword techniques, but you also must be willing to stay up with it.

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