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Dream Interpretation of Good Fortune

Date Added: September 16, 2008 08:16:38 AM
Author: raphnix
Category: Society & Culture
Psychics are very particular in making advices to their clients. They make sure that the tally of their subject's personal information are consistent to their evaluations. The ingenuity of each description is the basis of their proficiency. Thus, being tactful and focus on their works are their basic supplement for a good reputation. A friend told me how he became rich and how he feel contented with his success. He said that he asked for an advice from a psychic when he was really down and feel misdirected. This psychic claimed that all are just going well and that he should be always positive and forget about all of his difficulties. That his situation, she said to him, was just a bridge to his true success. Though my friend seemed felt better after, still he wasn't convinced completely. So, he sought for another psychic, and he said he found one through the internet. The psychic, he gathered, is really a professional since he gave just some of his personal information yet it hypothesized his weaknesses and strengths and all of other information about him precisely. The psychic, which he talked through phone-chat and webcam, tallied his vises and working career flaws to him that makes him really not progressive after all. My friend was really enlightened hence he changed a great deal. He then worked harder and disciplined himself as what the psychic said. After some time, my friend did better in life compared before. So, he called the psychic again to give thanks but surprised to be told of his near fortune because of a dream he incidentally reckon during their conversation. The description of the dream was true and afterwards my friend was promoted to takeover his boss' company due of its retirement. Thus, my friend was very thankful and did better for the company and received an immense wealth. Though the first psychic my friend have was somehow right in general about his success, still, people are smart enough to hear a more specific deliberation. Also, my friend was already conscious of some of his weaknesses that the first psychic have not able to particulate to him for good. *** Visit for more related stories.
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