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Importance of Trailers in Promoting the Upcoming Movie before Release

Date Added: April 02, 2009 12:07:34 PM
Author: Zosap Marketing
Category: Entertainment
Trailers are in general a short series of some important and good scenes of a upcoming film showcased some months before the film releases to create a hype and enthusiasm about that film. The most important factor of a film trailer is to generate a public review about the film before its release which will help the movie get more audience when it is released. Movie Trailers are a kind of advertising and marketing of the movie film which would in return generate revenue for the particular movie. The sequences that one finds in trailers are generally not in order, as it will appear in the film. Generally, a trailer lasts not more than two and a half minutes. Sometimes you will be surprised to find that the scenes you saw during the movie trailers are not in the original movie. This is one of the commonly used marketing strategies used by most movie makers. These scenes that are only made for trailers and are not included in movies are called promotion trailers. The trailers are sequenced in such a way that the people are charmed by its magic and makes sure that they are going to watch the film. Keeping this fact in mind the catchy, striking, electrifying excerpts of the films are taken and transformed into sequences of the trailers. Making movie trailers starts from the very first day of the shooting of the original movie. This is done because the trailer makers do not want to miss any shot or scenes that would later be not included in the original movie. They start preparing the trailer along with the whole film. Sometimes they even release the trailers of the film before the film production is completed. This helps creating more gaps between the trailer and the original movie. It is always believed that the greater the difference between time frame of the trailer and the movie release makes the movie more awaited and thereby increase the curiosity about the movie too. Not only shots, sometimes the editor uses music also which is not necessarily used in the original soundtrack of the movie. Now a day the only difference between the film trailers and the complete film is that the film trailer doesn’t long for more than 2-3 minutes. Besides all these things ranging from production company logo, the distributor company and the complete star cast of the film are included in the movie trailers. One can say that to some extent the trailers are the outputs of extensive market research that are conducted or based on the various locations. Now-a-days trailers are such an important part of the film publicity that one can find agencies called trailer houses that specialize in creating trailers. At one will find complete movie trailers of all the movies released worldwide. All the upcoming movies, already in theatres movies as well as older movie trailers can be found at which could even be embedded to one’s site.
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