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How to Effectively Manage Optimization Factors

Date Added: March 21, 2010 06:27:30 PM
Author: Macon Gravlee
Category: SEO
For a website to rank highly on the search engines on the natural search results is not by miracle or by chance, it is because they have more than the basis SEO knowledge that everyone else has -- they have decided to manage their on-page and off-page optimization factors effectively. First things first, on-page optimization is what takes place on the website and off-page is the opposite. On-page optimization can make or break you as it can have a positive or negative effect on the search results. Equally, off-page optimization is as powerful as on-page optimization as it also helps in boosting natural search engine placements.

One of the most critical on-page optimization techniques is correct keyword selection for optimization; luckily, there are free tools available online that help in keyword selection. The tools also show just how competitive and popular each keyword is. The moment you choose the keywords that you will be optimizing your web pages for, you can then go ahead and take advantage of the following:

  • Ensure your keyword phrase features on your web page description, page title, and throughout the pages on the content. You can highlight the keyword phrase by an occasional bold, underline, or italicization. The phrase should equally feature in almost each paragraph at least once, only that you should ensure it appears naturally
  • Avoid optimizing for a single keyword and instead focus on keyword phrase optimization. This is because single keywords tend to be very competitive thus diminishing your chances of getting high rankings
  • Ensure your keyword phrase features in the first 25 words of your page text and in the last 25 words of the same. The search engine love H1 tags, which you can effectively use to develop a headline on your page and help put more emphasize on your keyword phrase in the beginning of your page text. You can even place the keyword phrase next to the copyright so that it can feature in the last 25 words of a webpage.
  • Under off-page optimization, ensure you look for links towards your site. Link popularity is very important and you can use one of the many available link building tools to make the work easier for you. However, link building needs a lot of hard work and patience but in the end it is very rewarding.
  • You should give other webmasters a good reason to link to your site. Which you should do by offering them something valuable. As a result, you will get an endorsement from these sites and ultimately increase your link popularity and your SE results.
  • Ensure you include your keyword phrase in your anchor text. When linking, ensure the links have your keyword phrase. This is because while sites linking to your domain can boost your popularity and page rank, sites linking to you through your keyword phrase in the anchor text are what will take you to the top in the SERPS.
Increasing your rankings on the search engines may not be as hard as it may appear, but requires lots of effort, hard work and patience because it takes lots of time.

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