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8 Tips to Boost your SE Rankings

Date Added: March 18, 2010 06:20:26 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: SEO
A website is only as good and as effective as the amount of traffic it receives, reason to do all you can to ensure you get enough traffic towards your website. This is where Search engine optimization comes to play as it will give you the high rankings on the search engines so that you can get the traffic that will benefit you. Having a good arsenal of links is the other source of high traffic for your website. Needless to mention, the more links you have the more traffic you will receive on your site. On the other hand, the more links you have the more endorsement your site gets hence becomes a favorite for the search engine spiders.

Be advised though that there is no SEO company as yet that can guarantee you genuine high rankings but if the following tips are applied sparingly, they will without a shadow of a doubt give your website the rankings that it truly deserves. The internet being the free market that it is, you will get the rankings based on all aspects that the search engine spiders look for when analyzing the search engine results.

- The search terms that you select to use should be written well in an easy to understand format i.e. text and not graphics. If you must use images, ensure you have alt tags on the images so that the search engine spiders can be able to interpret the images because unlike humans, they cannot read images. When linking to other pages, ensure you include your keywords.

- On the URL of your site, ensure you place your main keywords to help boost your rankings

- Web page title is of equal importance so you have to choose the title wisely. This is because the title is the most critical place to put your main keywords and keyword phrases, but avoid overstuffing. When using keywords for SEO purposes, you should have both the readers and the SE spiders in mind and not favor one at the expense of the other.

- Don’t just link for the sake of linking; make sure you have relevant links on your website. You should look for links from your competitors -- those who are on the same niche as you are because the more closely related the links are the higher your chances of boosting your ranks.

- Your website should have an easy navigation menu on each of your web pages and which should also have well written page titles with the main keywords included.

- You shouldn’t target only the most popular keyword phrases, ensure you also include niche keywords and common misspellings of your chosen keywords because the market is such a competitive one.

- They say content is king, so you have to ensure that there is plenty of it on all pages of your website. It shouldn’t be just any content but high quality, meaningful and informative content with the target keywords used effectively on the content. To get an idea of the kind of content you need to have, it would do you good to visit the websites of your competitors that rank high on the search engines and see the kind of content they have. But be sure not to copy but have your original work.

- By the same token, you should update your content on a regular basis because the search engines love fresh content and of course your potential clients will love coming back for more informative content and not the content they left behind.

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