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Working with Charities

Date Added: September 05, 2008 11:47:58 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Charities
Charities are something common in all nations although perhaps more so in capitalist economies than socialist economies. Typically, charities are based on providing a free service or free goods to those who need them.

How A Charity is Organized

Some charities hire paid employees while others use volunteers to provide the organization within the charity with manpower. Usually, large scale charities hire paid employees to manage their goods and services. These types of charities also may have a stricter policy regarding who can use their services or goods.

Small scale charities are based upon community services such as providing food or shelter to those who need these services. Many community based charities serve only their surrounding area and may limit their services to that area alone.


Gifts or donations to charity are often tax-deductible if you give to a large scale charity that offers documentation for your gift. Since charities are non-profit organizations they are also tax exempt to a certain extent.


Most charities need volunteers for various reasons. Some charities provide food to the needy and will require that volunteers prepare the food or accept donations of food for the organization. Volunteers are a huge part of the charities which provide free goods and services to the public since a large portion of the money that is donated to the charity supports the organization by paying fees and providing goods to the public.

Organizing a Charity

When you are beginning a charity you will need some resources. For example, you will need a location to work from that has all of the tools you need to provide goods and services to the public. Some charities do receive a free or discounted rent although certainly not all charities have that advantage.

You will also require a few employees or volunteers to explain your services to the public. Some charities also include a screening process for potential clients to ensure they are not abusing the charitable services that you are offering.

You will also need to find out about the local laws and regulations that charities in your area should observe. Even though your organization may be exempt from paying taxes you will need to provide some financial documentation to prove that you’re funding is being used for the charitable services you offer.

Services Provided by Charities

The services provided by charaties vary greatly. There are organizations that provide services to the elderly, the poor and even the ill and imprisoned members of society. Volunteers are the most important part of most of these charities especially when the organization is non-profit.

Volunteers can make a charity run smoothly and help provide services to hundreds of people in your area.

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