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Medical Tourism – A fast developing sector in healthcare industry in Malaysia

Date Added: March 13, 2009 12:04:31 PM
Author: raulhudson
Category: Travel
Medical Tourism is fast developing sector in healthcare industry in Malaysia. Year on year basis for last 5 years medical tourism in Malaysia, is growing with estimated exponential growth of about 30%. The key factors of burgeoning rise in medical tourists in Malaysia are its affordable healthcare packages, excellent tourist attractions, world class infra structure, wide network of latest communication systems. An award winning Malaysian Airlines, MAS, service flying form all around the world, to Malaysia. An even low cost local airlines service providers like Airlines and Firefly has added affordability to this sector of development for medical tourism. An English speaking country, where healthcare system is wholly based on English and it is widely spoken at all level of work in healthcare facilities. The high conversion of USD to local currency, ringgit Malaysia also provides an excellent opportunity for travelers and tourists to come to Malaysia, to get more out of their money. The most important components in medical tourisms are healthcare providers and facilitators. Medical Tourism Facilitators are the first contact with the patients in this industry. Medical tourism facilitator, websites like, are there to provide all important arrangements like choosing the right procedure and best available hospital and healthcare provider, connecting consultant doctors with the patients, getting information channeled to and fro till finalizing the medical tourism journey for a patient who had no experience, of this before. Medical Tourism Facilitators, like, are there at the provider’s side to arrange all tour and travel services, booking hotel accommodations, receiving at airport, arranging personal assistants and helpers to concierge all the trip into a personalized affair. There are more service addition with the development of this industry. Medical tourism facilitators are arranging insurance policies, providing some home healthcare facilities through their partners. Medical tourism is certainly becoming a hope for more and more countries and healthcare providers to reduce the increasing costs and over the waiting time issue for certain important procedures for their patients, due to shortage of experts. On the other hand it is shaping a new industry in tourism and health for revenue generation. Thus countries like Malaysia are fast becoming a hub for medical tourism and providing affordable healthcare packages for medical tourists from around the world at world class facilities. Please visit for further information and find out more about packages and other facilities provided.
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