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Date Added: March 10, 2010 10:50:20 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: SEO
The person who is aware bout what search engine optimization is will be definitely making some efforts so that his ranking on the search engines is high. The same person will even want o know that does DMOZ matter or not. This can be done commonly by the authority sites that offer the back links. You can verify whether a particular site is authority or not by the many ways. However, the easiest way to do this is to be depended on the Page Rank. The link value and the ranks are directly proportional. So, higher the rank more valuable is the link.

Further there can be issues when you will try to include the links on somebody else’s websites. There is generally reluctance by the site owners to include the links of other sites in their websites. To address the same issue the link directories are useful. Their sole and ultimate purpose is to list the URL’s after organizing them. These are the web link directories that are helping the visitors to find their desired site even before the search engines came into the picture. The search engines have however taken over them but still there are many reputed well established and well managed directories Like the DMOZ that are in operation today.

DMOZ is the abbreviation for the Mozilla Directory. This directory project is open and so it is heavily depended on the approval of the links by the volunteer editors. In order that the specific categories can be reviewed the recruitment of the editors is done. DMOZ is very popular and therefore the approval of the submission of a particular URL may even take several months. However, if you want that your submission be approved faster you should take the help of the SEO companies that are professional for the submission of your URL.

 Here are the three important things those will answer does DMOZ matter.

  • The page rank here can be high
  • The web directory is very well organized.
  • Even the search rankings are higher.
The Page rank of the DMOZ is high. This can be understood by just visiting the homepage. This fact itself speaks about its trustworthiness; the most popular search engines also say it the same way. There number of websites that linking with this directory each passing year is very high and this is the reason why it has managed the top slot.

The advantage of a directory that is well organized is that, here after the approval of the submission of your URL it can be seen with the links that are relevant with the link of your website. Because of this the person searching for something in particular that even your websites hosts is more likely to click on the link to your website.  After all the number of people that visit the website determine the success of the website. The DMOZ does exactly the same very effectively. These above reasons therefore clearly state that yes the DMOZ does matter.

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