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Date Added: March 10, 2010 10:14:06 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: SEO
A regular internet user will know that the virtual world has millions of websites. Among them to get your website seen is a tough task. However, it is very important that you market your website well so that it serves the purpose why you have created them. One such way is to submit your website to the link directory. The link directories are of two types the general link directories and the niche link directories. This article is penned down so that you understand what is the general link directory?

To the search engines the general link directories is the elder child. This means that it was launched ahead of the niche link directories. The link directories are the ones those host the back links of your sites. So the person trying to get the access to any websites trough the search engines is guided to back links through the link directories as these websites are submitted to the link directories. We will understand as to how a general link directory works.

As the name suggests the back links of the websites are included in the general link directory irrespective of the niche. However the last thing that could be done is to categorize these back links according to general specifications and through the information that are on the websites. Again these back links can be further sub categorized according to the purpose they serve but then even this sub categorization is general. Because of this particular structure of the general link directories they have certain limitations in comparison with the niche link directories.
Finding the relevant back links through the general link directories is mostly a concern to the visitors as they my not be aware of the categories and the subcategories. The chances that they will be driven to the wrong back links are more considering the number of back links that the general link directories host.

However, the general link directories that charge the fees for their services are very often better than the free link directories. Considering that you are a paying client they are bound to give better services and so they can take further efforts in order to improve their services and do something will simplify the task of searching the back links on the general link directories.

It is fact that whenever anything is introduced there will be advancements in it. The same is even applicable to the general link directories. The niche link directories have taken over them and very soon all of them are likely to get replaced by the niche link directories. Today all the major professionals as well as the organizations that have their own websites opt for the niche link directories over the over the general link directories.

Today the general link directories are considered as the outdated medium to promote ones website and it is not wrong at all considering the compatibility of the niche link directories. Whatever advancements the link directories undergo, the general link directories will always mark the beginning of the revolution that added new dimensions to the search engines.

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