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The Automobile Industry

Date Added: August 27, 2008 10:24:15 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Automotive
Automotive careers are not for just anyone but only those who have great organizational skills and the ability to learn new things quickly. Automotive repairs are one of the largest industries in the automotive field although the auto parts and the car manufacturing industries have become quite established.

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing includes everything that goes into building a car from the first part to the last. Manufacturing cars is historically somewhat unstable when compared to other industries even though car manufacturing is one of the services that are regularly in demand.

Cars are manufactured in many areas in the world with a few countries being considered the top consumers within the automotive industry. Japan, America and China are among the top countries in the world for both manufacturing and purchasing new automobiles.

Automotive manufacturers work with everyone who makes and produces car parts as well as the dealerships that sell these finished cars to the consumers.

Dealing with Consumers

In order to make money the automotive industry must include selling the cars to the consumers. The market for automobile sales has changed with the oil prices that are currently reaching global highs although the industry is also providing more energy efficient vehicles to consumers in order to foster these increased sales.
Most automotive dealers specialize in selling one brand of automobile although you can readily purchase used vehicles from car sales dealerships. The automotive industry is growing in countries where automobiles are less common making the industry grow rapidly compared to previous years.

Automotive Repair

Automotive repair includes many different types of occupations. You can work within the commercial industry repairing cars for the manufacturers or you can open just as well open your own automotive repair shop. The position is one that is traditionally very detail orientated since you will be required to work on many different models of automobile at once without becoming confused.

You can take classes to help prepare you for a career in automotive repair which is very beneficial if you desire to work for a commercial auto repair center. Many people learn through internships which can last for over a year for even the best student.


The automotive industry has become one of the most globalized industries today. The importation and exportation of automobiles is one of the most viable industries especially among high end and energy efficient cars.

High end cars are typically shipped from Europe to people across the globe as energy efficient cars come from areas all around the world including Asia and Europe. The automotive industry is also becoming a part of life in countries that traditionally had little impact on the automotive industry.

The automotive industry has suffered somewhat from the increase in the cost of fuel and cars are now becoming more energy efficient and even use alternative fuel sources such as electric.

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