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Car Donations Are A Great Fundraiser

Date Added: February 26, 2009 05:31:30 AM
Author: Zosap Marketing
Category: Automotive
Schools, especially, work all through the school year on fundraiser who many different charities, often through their clubs, athletic clubs and Boy and Girl Scout troops. If your school group or organization feels that they’ve exhausted all their ideas and can’t think of a unique fundraiser for their next project, consider a car donation fundraiser. Organizing a car donation fundraiser is simple and there is little expense to the group as there are no supplies or inventories needed to get started. Unlike selling cookies where a group often has to purchase a set amount of boxes with the hope of selling them all, a car donation fundraiser can begin immediately with no funds. To get started your group can make up a simple flyer and run off as many copies as they feel they can distribute. The flyer’s goal should be to announce that they are holding a car donation fundraiser during the month of, for example, February, and that anyone who has a used car they would be able to donate should contact the person who is in charge of the fundraiser. Whoever is in charge of the fundraiser will simply keep a list of names, phone numbers and addresses of the people who have called in and in turn give them the name of the organization that will accept their donated car. Ideally, the group running the fundraiser should choose a charity that accepts donated vehicles this way all donations will be donated to the same charity. The flyer can also state what charity the car donation fundraiser will be assisting. When it’s time to find an organization who works with car donations and many worthwhile charities who accept donations, call specializes in managing vehicle donation programs. When you call you will be greeted by a live operator, one of many who stand by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be guided through the procedure of donating your vehicle by staff members who have been trained so that your donation process is efficient and easy. operators simply need the title information and VIN numbers for the cars your organization has ready for donation. At the time of your phone call, your fundraising group can tell who they wold like to donate their used vehicles to. A list of charities that works with is available at their website. Once they have your information and address for pick-up, the towing company will call within twenty-four hours to arrange for pick-up. Pick-up of donated vehicles is always free and arranged at your convenience. Once your vehicle is sold, your organization will receive a letter from the charity they chose letting them know how much their donated vehicles sold for.
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