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Strategic Places to Place Your Keywords for Maximu

Date Added: May 29, 2011 03:18:49 PM
Author: LinkMaster
Category: SEO

The two guaranteed strategies that will give your site top SE rankings are keyword research and good keyword optimization. You shouldn’t let all the effort you put in your keyword research go to complete waste by lack of knowledge on the right places to place your keywords that will ensure the best keyword optimization. Note that there is a ‘How’ and a ‘Where’ to place keywords and keyword phrases.

Knowing specifically where to place keywords on the entire content on your website can ensure maximum keyword optimization and also overall SEO. If you follow some time-tested and proven strategies, achieving top SEO isn’t as difficult as many people have been led to believe. Only ensure that you don’t try to re-invent the already rolling wheel. Here are the specific and strategic places to place your keywords within your site content to achieve optimal keyword optimization.

Title Tags
They say first impression matters a lot. The Title tags give you the opportunity to impress your readers, and if you fail to do it, you may never impress them at all. Remember you are competing against millions of titles under the same category; you therefore might want to make your title stand out and strike out enough to grab the attention of your readers. Use your most relevant keywords and keyword phrases to make the title as captivating and interesting as possible to make your readers want to click on it.
Meta Tags
This is a second given opportunity to impress, and you should vividly do it by giving an inviting yet informative description, of course with your most relevant keywords and phrases included. Remember the ‘meta tags’ are what is displayed usually when the search engine display results for search queries.

Make use of Alt tags
Alt tags are used to add text in place of images and are equally a great way to ensure great keyword optimization. Many a times, some web users tend to turn graphics off when browsing through websites so that the pages can load faster. The ‘alt tags’ should have a short description of the link destination and you shouldn’t forget to include your primary keywords there too.

Utilize Keyword Meta Tags

The utilization of keyword Meta Tags ensures maximum keyword optimization and will include the keyword phrases and keywords of your website content. You should start by creating a list of your primary keywords and key phrases separated by comas, and then all other keywords that will feature in your content. If you didn’t know, this is what enables the Search Engine spiders to locate your site.

Hypertext links

This is the last strategy that is tested and proven to ensure maximum keyword optimization. Ensure you include your primary keywords and or phrases in your hypertext links also.

Boiled down, it is very important for maximum keyword optimization and overall search engine optimization to not only know ‘how’ to place your keywords and also ‘where’. Using the above mentioned tactics will significantly improve your overall SE ranking. Always stick with time-tested and proven SEO strategies to be guaranteed of maximum keyword optimization and ultimately overall search engine optimization.

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