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Coal Is Not the Goal - Stocking Fillers for Kids (Stocking Fillers)

Date Added: December 30, 2009 07:28:17 AM
Author: neiljontas
Category: Shopping
Christmas has really always been about the kids (of all ages!) - And we can all remember how exciting it felt when we were small! For the younger members of the family, the festive season is a real whirlwind of excitement, good food, too many sweets, parties, decorations - and of course, the annual visit from Father Christmas! To help make their stockings extra special this year, why not check out the fantastic range of stocking fillers for kids now available online - there's something for every small person - for all ages! Stocking fillers for Creative Kids Arty kids will love the 'create your own' set of greetings cards - a great way to engross them for, ooh at least 10 minutes, and get those creative juices flowing! The Cheeky Monkeys kit is a great example that will amuse both boys and girls and allow them to create their own personalised cards. Each kit has the materials needed for five lovely cards and there's a wide range of card patches, sequins, card toppers, banners and of course - enough glitter to make a mess just about anywhere! Girls will also love the 'Glamour Queen' kit - full of sparkly pink embellishments, and all kids will also enjoy the cupcakes card kit - reminding them that it's time for another festive round of goodies! Budding Gardeners Younger green-fingers might be encouraged into the garden with stocking fillers such as the 'grow your own' mint or chili kits. There's nothing more fun as a child than seeing a small plant grow quickly and the beauty of these kits is that the little seedlings germinate within two to three weeks (although admittedly that may seem like a lifetime to a small person!) The little kits come in neat foil packs to protect the seeds, and explain what you need to grow these handy kitchen items. The beauty of course is that both chili and mint can later be added to food - which also helps your children learn about the relationship between food and gardening - educational stocking fillers, which are sneaky enough not to appear so - everyone's happy! Older and more gruesome children will also love green stocking fillers such as the 'grow it' range of carnivorous plants - a gift box to grow some Venus fly traps! Again, the kit contains everything you need to grow your very own insect 'solution', including seeds, grow pots, wooden plant markers and full instructions and tips to help your plants grow healthy and strong - this will certainly provide a talking point at the next 'show and tell' session at school! Bathtime Fun Stocking Fillers Getting kids into the bath isn't always the easiest of tasks - so make it more appealing with a selection of clean-themed bath time gifts designed especially for them! The pirate duckie gift bag is a perfect example - a fantastic kit containing dottie coloured bath confetti (maximum mess - dissolving handily into scented bath water, before you lose your cool!) - and also to pirate themed cr bath capsules - to create that obligatory bubbled water for making bubble pirate hats and beards etc - with any chance your little darlings won't realise that they're actually getting clean into the bargain - and everyone's happy! Even better, the little bag can be re-used - and it comes with an excellent design of the 'pirate duck' complete with his eye-patch! Perfect for storing bath related paraphernalia in it, so that you don't find yourself flying across the bathroom floor on a rogue plastic duck or brick! In fact, if Pirate themed stocking fillers look to be particular favourites amongst your small hearties, why not also anticipate the worst from their latest round of outdoor activities, and plan ahead with the pirate themed bandages - 25 plasters in different shapes and sizes, but designed with a pirate pattern, rather than the usual dull pink colour. Far more impressive for kids - just make sure there's actually a small graze under there to cover, and that they don't simply get used as 'vital' dressing up accessories! Brain Bending Stocking Fillers When everything festive is threatening to spiral out of control, why not calm the little angels down with a brain-bending stocking filler. The money maze bank is a great way to give the usual gift cards, cheques and cash - but in a way that makes the recipient work for it! Your kids have to guide a small steel ball through a maze, for the box to open and release the gift inside! Possibly more suitable for older kids, it will at least ensure that they need to do some modicum of work for their gift voucher! Getting Personal offer unique high quality gifts & personalised gifts at affordable prices, delivered quickly and guaranteed with a smile.To explore our range of stocking fillers further, please visit our website at
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