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How to assemble Camping Tent

Date Added: December 26, 2009 06:00:41 AM
Category: Recreation
You have reached at the campsite and where you all were surprised by the views in the area of camping. Before you start to contemplate the views do not forget that you go for a camping tent which will not be completed with out tent. Your camping activities start with setting up your camping tent. Some camping tents are assembled in different ways due to their size and manufacturer characteristics. You can set up a small ten for yourself but for a large one you need help of other persons. Whatever the type and size of the tent you have, the real thing is depend on how perfectly you follow the steps and instructions while fixing the camping tent. In this stage at first you check that you have all the parts of the tent like frame and pegs. If you have complete equipments you can find a clear are where you can set up your camping tent. The selected area should be free of stones and sharp objects that may damage your tent. If you find some of these objects, you can clear them out. The second thing you need to consider while assembling the tent. You can set your tent in different ways which depend on the type or model of the tent. You should follow the given instructions to avoid any problem with your tent. These instructions are written on the side of the camping tent or in the manual and labeled. Some tents are just tied on the frame after setting while some have their frames organize through the sheets. You now have your tent after attached it to the structure. But you can not use it that way. You have to adjust it first in the corners to form a perfect square or rectangle. After making some adjustments, you can now go on to the next step. After the tent is assembled you can fix it at your chosen and cleared area. Keep your tent fixed in there with the help of supports like pegs and ropes. You can place stakes at the corners of the tent and tie these pins and the tent using the rope for support. Now your camping tent is ready for use. You have upright your tent but still you can't sleep. But there are still so many things that you have to do because you are in a camping tent at camping trip place not at your room.
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