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A review on Onpage optimization

Date Added: February 20, 2009 09:05:15 AM
Author: Ronald
Category: SEO
To rank a website top in search engines, search engine spiders/bots would recognize the website based on the content and the On Page of the website. Reason, bots will read the source code of a website in the text format and ignores the flash and other designs. Therefore, the On Page and the content of a website will play a major role in ranking the websites top in search engines. Content is always a king and it should be unique to represent the website. On the other hand, On Page is also a king in manipulating the results delivered due to the optimization performed by the SEO Services or Internet Marketers.Here in this article we’re discussing about the importance of the website’s On Page in improving the business returns and the whole explanation would be concentrated on making the website’s on page a king.The importance of the on page would depend upon certain specific parameters like Keywords, Description, Titles, H1/H2 tags etc. If the stated specific parameters are efficient, the whole on page would become efficient and helps in the optimization to get the website recognized by the search engine bots to rank the website top in search engines. Therefore, information regarding the parameters is very important and the same would be discussed in detail as stated below.Keywords:The term keyword in reference to Search Engine Marketing usually refers to a word or a keyword phrase (combination of words) used to find relevant and useful web pages.Due to the functionality of keyword in search engine marketing, it plays a major role in browsing the relevant information or relevant websites. Therefore, to get a website recognized by the spider and rank top in search engines, it should contain the keywords targeted or related to the website’s business. Else, the website would no way recognized by the spiders and the whole efforts in optimizing a website would become a waste. Hence, Keyword Research needs to be done to prepare a list of targeted keywords and the same would be added in the On Page of a website to rank the website top in search engines.Description:Description in the on page would let the spider know about the business of a website in brief to rank it for appropriate and relevant category keywords. So, the description should be a keyword rich content less than 50 words. The keyword rich content in the description would increase the keyword density to recognize and rank the website top in search engines and hence the description would be considered as one of the important parameters in on page of a website.Title and Headers (H1, H2 etc):Title and Headers would allow us to increase the keyword density and lets the spider know the information of the website in one shot. Though the functionality looks similar to the functionality of the Description, it plays an important role in getting the website recognized by the search engine spider. The title and header should be keyword rich and less than 60 characters.If the above stated parameters are maintained with complete efficiency and standard, the optimized website would generate a good amount of results by ranking the website top in all major search engines.I am at Prominere have an extensive work experience in all various fields of Search Engine Optimization like Research and Analysis, Operations, Marketing, Programming, Designing, Customer Service etc. With a combined Strength, Experience and Knowledge I have launched Prominere which is an assembly of prominent experts expertise in their respective fields to deliver quality results in Online Marketing.
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