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Rock and Punk bands names and logos

Date Added: February 05, 2009 04:17:24 PM
Author: Dave Tug
Category: Shopping
The Ramones. It seems that they were inspired by Paul McCartney, who used Ramone as a surname; then all the members of the band adopted this surname despite not being related. The logo was designed by Arturo Vega, sometime in the 70s; the concept was based on the Seal of the President of United States of America. The names of the band members replace the original legend around the eagle which holds an apple tree branch and a baseball bat instead of the olive tree branch and the arrows. Vega's inspiration came after seen them performing in Washington DC. The Who. While brainstorming for a band name, someone proposed 'the who' because apparently that was the most common question every time someone came up with a name. In 1964, Brian Pike sketched a logo which embraced the zeitgeist of the time: 'Unity' and an 'Uplifting edge', the two 'h's linked together recreate the first feeling, while the arrow does so for the second. AC/DC. The name was taken literarily from a sewing machine, as something related to power –Alternative Current/Direct Current; others claim that it means 'Anti-Christ Devil's Children'. As a close friend of the band, Gerard Huerta came up with a recycled version of his own Blue Oyster Clut's logo lettering, adding up the lightning strike. Led Zeppelin. It was Keith Moon who somehow came up with the name; while talking about the new project, he said it should go over like a lead balloon. The Angel logo was inspired on William Rimmer's 'Evening of the fall of the Day', which is incarnation of Apollo, the Greek god of the music. This figure was originally intended to characterize their record label 'Swan Song' but ended up being a distinctive band logo. Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden was a torture device, similar to a cabinet, where the victim remained standing while being interrogated and stabbed; the most famous one looked alike to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The stylish style used in the band-name logo reminds the endings of a V-shaped guitar, which was another characteristic element of the band. The band also used to include a mascot in their tours and albums covers called 'Eddie'. Guns N Roses. The name is a direct allusion to Traccii and Axl's surnames Guns and Rose. And so is the logo, a beautifully achieved arrangement of guns and roses. The Rolling Stones. It is accepted that the band was named after a song by Muddy Waters. The pop art pair of lips and tongue is by far the most recognized band logo ever. Originally drafted by John Pasche in 1971 and included hidden away in the cover for 'Sticky Fingers', it sooner became the icon of the band. The Sex Pistols. The name was introduced by McLaren who used to own a punk clothing shop called 'sex'. Jamie Reid's anti-esthetical collage made of pieces of newspapers forming the band's name went accordingly with the band's ideology, anarchy. SugarBullets, the house of Amplified band t-shirts.
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