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Cornhole Game Fun

Date Added: January 05, 2009 09:28:03 PM
Author: Timmy
Category: Games
Cornhole is a fun game a lot like horseshoes and can be played by kids and adults. You can play with two or four players. Each player tosses four 6"x 6" cloth bags filled with dried corn or synthetic beads at a cornhole board that is placed 20 to 27 feet apart with a 6" hole cut in the top of the cornhole board that has legs to raise the top of the board to give it a 12" slope. You get one point if your bag lands on the cornhole board and 3 points if your cornhole bag goes in the hole. Each team continues to play until one of the teams reaches the score of 21. Every tailgating party you go to you will see this popular bean bag toss game. They play outside and inside of bars. It's a fun game to play at parties or cookouts. They even have an annual tournament that has been held for the past couple of years called The Cornhole Classic and is played at Soldier Field. In 2004 Frank Geers founded The American Cornhole Organization based in Cincinnati, and is the governing body of this fast growing phenomenon. There are professional cornhole tournaments and leagues ran by independent agents nationwide. Anyone can play this fun cornhole game, young or old. You can get real good with lots of practice and test your skills at a tournament, have a great time with your buddies at your next tailgating party or just have fun with your kids in the backyard.
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