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Why Soup Kettles?

Date Added: October 07, 2009 10:19:30 AM
Author: rossmccullum
Category: Shopping
There is nothing cosier on a cool day or evening than a nice steaming bowl of soup. With so many different varieties of soups you could probably eat a different one every day for months. But the key to serving a nice steaming bowl of soup is a soup kettle. A soup kettle will keep your soup hot all day and makes serving a bowl light work. Most soup kettles hold from 5 to 10 litres and have built in thermostats and variable simmer stats that will keep your soup from getting too hot, boiling over, or not staying hot enough. If you have a restaurant and you serve soup, a soup kettle will take one big pot off your stove and let you put your soup where your serving staff can reach it easily. It is also one less thing that your cooks have to serve up and that could be critical on the nights that business is booming. If you have a pub and you serve your famous homemade chilli, a soup kettle will keep it at just the right temperature all night. The adjustable thermostats are also great if you want to keep a big pot going of hot dogs, or any other kind of sausages steeped in barbecue or any other kind of sauce. Even a nice soup kettle filled with mulled wine will create a cosy atmosphere all its own. The different types of soup kettles vary from the Buffalo, the Dualit Straight Soup Kettle, the Dualit Hot Pot, the Victorian style and the Hatco Round Heated Well. All are unique and serve different purposes. The Buffalo Soup Kettle is available in stainless steel, graphite grey and black. It holds ten litres, has a hinged lid which makes it easy to serve from and the stylish shape makes it perfect to put on your salad bar area or any other front of the house areas. The Dualit straight soup kettle holds around six litres and also has a variable heat control as well as elements that heat up quickly and stay heated for long periods of time. Each kettle comes with a magnetic strip so you can identify which soups are which if you are serving more than one. The Victorian style soup kettle has an old fashioned look to it and would be perfect in a tea room with a nostalgic dcor. You can choose from Westminster or the classic Victorian. These kettles hold 5.1 litres and are really easy to clean with their removable stainless steel pots. They even come with their own old fashioned ladle. If you have more of a modern restaurant or you serve a variety of hot liquid items you may want to consider the Hatco Round Heated Well. This piece of equipment does it all – it serves as a soup kettle, a steamer, and a pasta cooker - or keeps your foods warm as a Bain-Marie. No matter what your needs are, a soup kettle will free up space in your kitchen and be one less thing you have to worry about as you serve up your menu. There is nothing like the aroma of a hearty soup to fill the room and whet the appetitive. Welcome to Nisbets - the UK's largest supplier of catering equipment with 25 years experience in the industry.For further information regarding our range of soup kettle, please visit our website at
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