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Always investigate brake vibration

Date Added: September 05, 2009 11:51:41 AM
Author: freedgabriel
Category: Automotive
Almost anyone who has every ridden a motorcycle, motocross bike, or ATV has probably at some time experienced certain issues with the vehicle, perhaps including brake vibration. This extreme motion can be a very uncomfortable experience and can be potentially dangerous if the rider loses control. If the vibrations feel out of control, the riders should stop if possible and try to correct the situation. In order to attempt to correct the problem, the rider must first determine exactly what is causing the excessive movement or brake vibration. The first logical option is to check the condition of the road. Obviously choppy and pitted road surfaces are going to be a possible cause for excessive movement and brake shudder. While it is the easiest cause to determine, it is not the easiest cause to correct. The only real solution is to try and find routes on a well maintained highway or road. If it is a private or public ATV course or trail, it may be possible to use some kind of roller to smooth out the surface. This would only be practical if the area was not too large and if the environment was stable. Large trails or areas that are constantly bombarded with surface-changing weather conditions would be impossible to completely and permanently fix. The next option to check to determine the source of excessive movement or brake vibration is the actual vehicle. If the engine or the wheels are unbalanced this could cause the movement and vibration. If so, the engine can be rebalanced using several methods including rubber engine mounts and balance shafts. If the problem is in the wheels, these can be checked and rebalanced, possibly using tire weights to correct the problem. Other weights can also be added to rebalance the vehicle including counterweights and handle bar weights for motorcycle and motocross bikes. A third cause of excessive movement or brake vibration could be the air moving over and around the vehicle as it moves forward. This is an aerodynamic principal, and as the open vehicle moves rapidly forward it displaces the air, which can cause the moving vehicle to be jostled. Usually the faster the vehicle is moving, the more air is displaced and the greater you feel the movement and vibration. If, however the problem movement only occurs when the brakes are used, then this may be brake vibration and in this case the brakes should be examined. They may be worn or damaged and this is causing the vibration whenever the brakes are applied. While some movement can be expected whenever one rides in an open vehicle like a motorcycle, motocross bike, or ATV, riders should be able to tell if the ride feels normal or if there excessive movement or brake vibration. Since this problem can throw a rider or make them lose control of the vehicle every effort should be made to correct it if possible. Riders should wear protective head gear at all times, and especially in these conditions, as a head injury is almost always serious. Premium quality EBC brake pads and rotors for cars, trucks, motorcycles, is our business .... all made in the UK.For further information regarding our range of antibrake vibration products and where you can buy them from, please visit
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