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Content Writing Tips

Date Added: August 23, 2009 11:37:05 PM
Author: creatives
Category: SEO
Every person who visits a website is there for a reason. Most likely, they visit for information. This is the reason why content is vital in a website. It is important that you supply them with enough and accurate details whether it is news, advice, story, tips, etc. Another challenge is how to be able to deliver without boring the audience and let them read the entire article. Here are some tips on how to do so: Keep Paragraphs Short People using the internet is used to just drag and click. It seems like it is always harder to read on screen than reading, let's say a newspaper. The explanation for such is that it is already on their minds that they are using the internet to make their work easier and faster. Another reason is because it is more tiring for our eyes to look at a computer screen that to read on print. It can also be overwhelming to see a huge chunk of words in just one paragraph. ne Idea Per Paragraph Only Just like writing an article on print, there should only be one idea per in each paragraph. Your content should look as organize as possible. Having many topics on paragraph can give an impression that your thoughts are cluttered. It can also give the reader a headache. Just state the main idea then explain briefly. That would do the work. Use Simple Words Avoid superfluous words. Although it might sound impressive to some people but it will just be ignored by most readers. It can even make your work sound amateur. Refrain from using adverbs and adjectives that ends with “ly” including passive verbs. Be Objective When describing something, be objective about it. You do not need to use promotional words such as “amazing”, “enormous”, “lavishly”, “outstanding”, etc. It will only eliminate the professionalism of your work. Remember that you are writing content and not an advertisement for an organization. Use Bullets Using bulleted list you content can make a big difference. Readers would love it if they can quickly scan through your article to know if you will give them the information they are looking for. Based on the study made by Jacob Nielson, 79% of readers on the Web tend to scan or skim text rather than read word for word. Never Write in All Caps It is against the code of ethics on the internet to use all caps. It is one way of implying that you are shouting which is really rude. Instead, you can highlight some of the phrases that needs emphasize by making them bold. But remember to do this occasionally. It is not good to see a content that has a lot of bold items. Write a Conclusion Remember to always conclude everything. Do not let your readers hand by giving them an unfinished article. It should summarize everything that you have pointed out in the whole article. It is also best that you include a strong message that would make you reader to take further action. One thing that you need to remember when writing a content is to keep the person interested as he/she reads your article. There should be a smooth flow so it wouldn't lose momentum. Get to the point quickly and do not use unnecessary words or terms just to show off your vocabulary.
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