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Ideas for team building events

Date Added: November 25, 2008 12:40:17 PM
Author: Dave Tug
Category: Recreation

When organising corporate team building events, the main four aspects to be considered are:

1. Knowledge
2. Enjoyment
3. Active involvement
4. Visual stimulation

By intelligently combining the above elements, the organisers of these activities ensure the success of the events. Team building activities can help to improve or develop specific qualities within the members of a company, such as: leadership skills, promote creativity, enhance team and individual performance, trust and respect amongst colleagues, strengthen communication, promote delegation, develop an understanding of other members' skills, amongst others.

Ideas for Team Building events:

- Building a structure such as a raft to float across a lake. By doing this, the team can strengthen communication channels, learn about leadership and delegation skills and understanding the roles and skills of other members.

- Building structures such as: bridges, catapults and siege ladders amongst others. The group can benefit from learning about strategic thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication.

- A mix of mental and physical tasks -for all type of people- that includes high and low ropes, a lake crossing without a boat and a zip wire across the fields where the activity is happening. These activities are designed to drive trust and respect amongst colleagues, promote creativity, develop leadership skills and enhance team and individual performance.

- Puzzles, navigation methods, communication techniques and initiative challenges in specific areas. Time management is a key tool to success as well as group work and cooperation.

- Learning about different methods of communicating and realising the importance of listening and watching which are skills often missing in the workplace.

Outside Adventure organise team building events with a difference, with a creative twist and a sense of adventure; the activities are fun and passion with a real purpose!

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